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While ameloblastomas are the most common benign jaw tumor, other tumors treated by Dr. Williams include odontogenic myxomas, recurrent/aggressive giant cell tumors, ossifying fibromas, and others.  Dr. Williams also treats malignant oral tumors such as squamous cell carcinoma and sarcomas.

Tumors are not the only reason to need complex jaw reconstruction.  Traumatic injuries can also result in the loss of teeth and jaw bone.  Dr. Williams performs reconstructive surgery to replace bone and teeth all in a single surgery when possible

Dr. Williams uses state of the art technology to customize surgical planning for each patient.  He has pioneered methods of using 3D virtual technology to develop precise reconstructions of bone, dental implants and teeth all in a single surgery.  Not every patient is a candidate for this surgery and must be evaluated carefully to discuss options.


While other methods require up to 6 weeks to fabricate teeth prior to the "all in one" surgery, Dr. Williams can usually fabricate the teeth within 24 hours to avoid delaying surgery.  This is possible through his in-house surgical lab service.

Areas of Expertise


Immediate dental implants in reconstructed jaws

Nerve grafting

Complex jaw reconstruction

Oral Cancer

Odontogenic Myxoma

Microvascular tissue transfer

Immediate teeth


3D Printing

Cone Beam CT scanner in office

3D Virtual Surgical Planning

Custom digital smile creation

Laser dental implant rescue

Trios optical



dental implant lab

Tissue Engineering

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